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Respite Care in White Bear Lake, MN

Learn more about our respite care and the comfort it can provide to family caregivers.

When family members agree to take care of a senior loved one with long-term or intensive care needs, they often do not realize the extent of their commitment. Once the senior becomes dependent on their care and support to remain safe and healthy while at home, there is no turning back. This means the family caregiver must be there when care is required, day or night, without fail.

Research shows that most family caregivers who provide long-term care end up with chronic physical and/or mental health problems. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, family caregivers are over 200 percent more likely to develop a chronic illness or become clinically depressed than non-caregivers. These statistics are linked directly to constant fatigue, stress, and feelings of hopelessness.

Does this mean that being a family caregiver is a "bad gig"? Absolutely not! The role of family caregiver is a sacred and honored one to be highly esteemed. What this information does mean is that family caregivers can quickly get in over their head. Sadly, by the time they realize they need help, many caregivers do not know how to get it and are simply too exhausted to do the research.

White Bear Lake Respite Care

The good news is that it is not difficult to reverse the physical and mental impacts of caregiving, and it is even easier to avoid them. Researchers found that family caregivers who take advantage of regular respite care can avoid caregiver burnout. Further, those who were already suffering from burnout saw a reversal of physical and mental health symptoms in as little as a year after taking regular respite breaks.

By definition, a respite break is a short-term, typically less than 5 days, time away from caregiving duties. With Comfort Keepers respite care, there are no parameters limiting the reasons for these respite breaks. Sometimes, family members simply need the time to sleep. Other times, they may need to address their own medical problems. Common reasons for breaks also include socialization with friends, exercise, taking care of personal business, or even taking a short vacation

Comfort Keepers provides respite care coverage in the comfort and convenience of a senior's own home, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. In other words, there is never a time that family caregivers cannot schedule top-quality care for their loved one so they can take a much-needed break.

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