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Senior Care in White Bear Lake, MN

Leading senior care for elders in the White Bear Lake area.

Research suggests that the majority of American seniors want to spend their lives in their own home. Even when physical and mental health makes "aging in place" difficult, seniors want to remain at home instead of moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Senior care, specifically professional home care, can make this desire possible.

White Bear Lake Senior Care

Standard senior care involves daily living tasks, such as light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, local transportation, running errands, etc. It also covers personal care, including toileting, bathing, grooming, and dressing. With Comfort Keepers, care goes much further. The supports include companion care, respite care, transition from hospital to home support, and specialized services such as dementia and Alzheimer's care.


Another great benefit of professional home care is independence. By necessity, nursing homes and convalescent facilities operate on set schedules. While there are often a number of activities planned, seniors have limited choices when it comes to choices that are not on the schedule. Senior care provided in the comfort of a seniors home gives the senior freedom to choose activities they are interested in. Even better, they get to choose when they participate. The same can be said for dining, watching television, and even waking or going to sleep. Maintaining freedom can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression, while greatly increasing a senior's overall quality of life.


One of the greatest advantages to home-based senior care is the personalization of services. When a caregiver arrives at a senior's home, they senior is their one concern. All attention, care, and support is focused on providing the best care experience possible. Not only does this increase the level of care, but it increases senior safety. Care is immediate, the risk of infection is reduced, and the home can be modified to meet the senior's specific safety needs and requirements.


In short, there are many benefits to professional home care, and Comfort Keepers senior care service provides every one.



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