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24 Hour Home Care in White Bear Lake, MN

Full-time, 24 hour home care for seniors in White Bear Lake.

When a senior's condition progresses to the point that they need supervision or round-the-clock care, many family caregivers start thinking about moving their loved one to a nursing home. Other times, a serious injury or surgery has made independent living impossible in the short term, but family members or friends are not available to provide the needed full-time care. Once again, a nursing home or convalescent facility may be considered. With Comfort Keepers 24 hour home care, there is another option that is usually much better.

24 Hour Home Care in White Bear Lake, MN

Research says that when it comes to the speed and effectiveness of recovery, lower levels of anxiety, and general peace of mind, you cannot beat home-based care. Being surrounded by your own furniture, memories, and even pets is typically a source of comfort. Visitors are also more likely to stop by the house than they are a nursing home, and social activity is important to any individual requiring intensive treatment.


Perhaps the most important element of full-time care at home is the individual attention. Seniors in a care facility are part of a care roster. There are set schedules, and individualized interaction during care services is typically limited. Comfort Keepers full-time care personnel work regular six or eight-hour shifts, 24-hours a day, so there is always somebody supervising and caring for your loved one. While they are one duty, your loved one is the caregiver's only concern. Care providers get to know the senior on a personal basis so care is tailored to a seniors style, passion, and taste. Not only does this make the support and services more personalized, but it allows the caregivers to interact with the senior in a meaningful way, thus integrating social, emotional, and cognitive care as well.


In short, whether your senior loved one is suffering from a chronic, long-term condition, an acute injury or illness, or is recovering from a surgery or accident, Comfort Keepers has the full-time, 24 hour home care and support necessary to meet their unique, individual needs. Put another way, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365-days a year, Comfort Keepers has your loved one covered in the comfort and convenience of their own home.



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