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Respite Care in Shoreview, MN

Supportive respite care for family caregivers in need of time to recharge.

Caring for a senior with a long-term illness, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or another challenge can be difficult. Without the proper support, caregiving can grow beyond a full-time vocation and overrun a person's life. After all, care can be required at any hour of the day or night. The result is often chronic fatigue, which wears down the caregiver's immunity and leads to a vastly increased risk of infection, disease, and depression. In fact, family caregivers are 200 percent more likely to develop a chronic illness or depression than non-caregivers.


The good news is that caregiver burnout can be avoided and even reversed through frequent breaks used to address the caregiver's physical and mental health. Interestingly, there is no specific reason for the breaks that has been shown to be more beneficial than others. Instead, the reasons for a respite are quite personal and based on a caregiver's unique needs.


Respite care is the care provided to the senior in the family caregiver's absence. Care is short-term and usually limited to less than five consecutive days. During this time, a senior can go to a respite care facility, or professional caregivers can come to their residence and simply perform the tasks normally accomplished by the family member.


The Benefits of Respite Care

When respite care is taken on a regular basis, there are a number of benefits. Consider the following:

  • Energy. The most frequent malady suffered by family caregivers is a lack of sleep or exhaustion. Without proper sleep, the body cannot recharge and energy levels drop. When caregivers take time off to rest, sleep, and recharge, they come back with significantly greater energy.
  • Health. Fatigue wears down the immune system and leads to increased rates of illness. By taking the time to recharge the body, the immune system can be strengthened. If the time off is also used for some exercise, de-stressing, and healthy eating, all the better.
  • Socialization. Most family caregivers report feeling socially isolated. The constant needs of their senior loved one keep them cut off from their friends and other family. During respite breaks, many caregivers take the time to meet up with friends, enjoy time family, and generally revitalize their social self.
  • Happiness. While caregiving has many benefits, the majority of family caregivers report becoming frustrated, anxious, stressed-out, and even angry. Even short breaks from care have been shown to bring back a sense of peace, patience, and joy.
  • Better Caregiving. When caregivers are fatigued, stressed, and burned out, they cannot provide the care they initially set out to provide to their loved one. This, in turn, creates more stress and anxiety, which drags them down even further. Frequent respites keep a caregiver refreshed and recharged. This, in turn, allows for much better and more effective caregiving.


In short, the vast majority of family caregivers are happy and proud to serve their senior loved one, regardless of any personal sacrifices. With Comfort Keepers at home respite care, however, family caregivers can avoid burnout and maintain a positive caregiving experience throughout.


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