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Dementia Care in Shoreview, MN

Specialized dementia care for seniors needing dementia services in the Shoreview area.

Dementia affects a seniors decision making skills, ability to remember and changes their common behaviors. Along with these symptoms, a senior can be overcome by anxiety, see an increase in frustration and have amplified depression. After reading various resources and hearing about the severity and progression of the disease, you may be asking, "What can my family and I do to help my senior loved one with dementia?". Comfort Keepers dementia services is the answer.

Dementia Care Shoreview MN

Comfort Keepers dementia care is composed of specialized care services created to meet the specific needs of each senior with dementia. With our dementia services, your loved one will be in the hands of qualified  in home caregivers who will provide a dementia care plan tailored to your loved one's unique care and support needs. A Comfort Keepers in home caregiver will note various aspects associated with dementia, assessing their cognitive skills, physical abilities and more, to create a plan that fits their specific stage or dementia. Importantly, as your loved one progresses through the disease, their caregiver will mold their plan to fit their changing care needs.

"Can't I provide care for my loved one?", you may ask. There are a number of stages that a senior undergoes as they progress through dementia. With Comfort Keepers, you will receive a caregiver who is experienced in the field of dementia. Not only have these caregivers undergone rigorous training but they have experience caring for other clients and have a plethora of resources available regarding the disease. That being said, our caregivers truly understand the challenges associated with the disease and will work with your senior loved one to maximize their independence and quality of life.

Are you interested in our dementia services? Do you believe your loved one could benefit from professional dementia care? Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free in home consultation today.

Comfort Keepers In Home Care offers trusted senior care services to:

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