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24 Hour Home Care in Shoreview, MN

Full-time 24 hour home care for seniors in the Shoreview area.

There may come a time when your senior loved one requires more support than they can receive through occasional in home care services. Certain conditions simply require much more intensive and frequent care and support. For example, a senior with advanced Alzheimer's disease may need 24 hour home care if they are to remain safe and secure living in their own residence. After all, seniors with advanced Alzheimer's do not limit their wanderings, forgetfulness, or physical challenges to regular working hours. Quite the contrary, many seniors with Alzheimer's are very active late at night and in the early morning hours. These are often the times when wanderings lead to falls, getting locked in or out of a room or home, or becoming lost. Other times, seniors may wake in the middle of the night not knowing where they are, what is happening to them, and so forth. This can lead to extreme panic. Simply put, at this stage in the disease's progression, if the senior is going to live at home, 24 hour home care is necessary.

24 Hour Home Care Shoreview, MN

Regardless of your loved one's situation, Comfort Keepers can design a unique, customized 24 hour care plan that meets your senior loved one's specific needs. Much of this is possible because 24 hour home care, in contrast to live-in care, provides actual coverage round the clock. After breaks, sleep, personal time, and so forth, a live-in caregiver only provides about 10-12 hours of actual care. With 24 hour care, professional caregivers are rotated on six or eight-hour shifts to ensure there is continuous, overlapping coverage so your senior loved one is never alone.

In addition to progressive diseases, seniors may also require 24 hour care if they have a sudden injury, surgery, or short-term condition that places them in a compromised or bedridden state. With Comfort Keepers, it does not matter is your loved one's need is short or long-term. In fact, 24 hour home care can even be provided for short respite breaks so family caregivers can avail themselves of much-needed rest.

In short, if your senior loved one requires support to accomplish daily living tasks and remain independent, in home care providers can maintain or increase their quality of life while helping them keep their independence. Should regular support not be enough and your loved one needs support around the clock, Comfort Keepers 24 hour home care can meet those needs as well. 

To learn more, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you, providing you with additional resources and schedule your free in home consultation.

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