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Senior Care in Forest Lake, MN

Learn more about the senior care available for aging adults in the Forest Lake area.

The way we feel about ourselves has a direct impact on our physical and emotional health. Interestingly, the way people feel about themselves is most often linked to the way they believe they are perceived by others. Those with strong social connections typically feel liked and respected. As a result, they are more likely to enjoy better physical and emotional health. Individuals who feel isolated and alone are less likely to have positive self-esteem. They are also far more likely to experience physical and emotional challenges. In other words, researchers are finding that a person's social needs are directly linked to their risk of adverse medical conditions.


An increasing number of seniors face feelings of social isolation and loneliness. For some, it started with the death of a spouse or significant other. For others, a downturn in their mobility or cognition caused them to spend more time alone at home and less time interacting with others socially. Whatever the cause, for tens of millions of seniors, the result was not just and increase in feelings of isolation and loneliness but of deteriorating physical and mental health.


The good news it that it does not have to be this way. Research shows that with meaningful communication and dialogue, a senior's sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and dignity increase. In contrast, feelings of loneliness fade. The challenge, of course, is finding regular, meaningful communication.

Senior Care in Forest Lake, MN

Comfort Keepers' unique approach to senior care places great emphasis on companionship services. In fact, each caregiver is specifically trained in their trademarked interactive caregiving model, which ensures the central focus of all care services is the senior. By engaging seniors socially, emotionally, and cognitively, caregivers are able to help seniors become a key component in their own care. In turn, this enhances independence, freedom, and a sense of control. Having somebody to share these moments with provides feelings of acceptance, friendship, and self-worth.


Comfort Keepers senior care providers can also provide targeted companionship services. This means that caregivers are carefully chosen to match a senior's interests and personality. The caregiver and senior are then able to spend time enjoying activities that restore or enhance a senior's enjoyment of life. These activities may range from scrapbooking or shopping to hiking, walking the neighborhood, or simply sitting and talking.


In short, companionship is an important part of life. For far too many seniors, the benefits of companionship have been lost due through any number of life events. Yet, with Comfort Keepers senior care, companionship and its many benefits can be restored. 

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