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The Road to Recovery; Quality Home Care Services in Blaine, MN

Make the transition from a medical facility to home a smooth process for your aging loved one.

If you have an aging loved one that is discharged from a medical facility, you must be aware of the many dangerous things that can have a negative impact on the recovery process. Their memory may temporarily be affected due to changes in medication, which can cause complications with the entire recovery process. Changes in normal routines, the process of recovery and the increasing amount of information they must remember upon being discharged can slow down the entire recovery process.


Many times, family members assume the role of caregiver and attempt to help the senior as they transition. However, they sometimes quickly learn that they are not prepared or trained to approach the transition as necessary in order to completely accommodate the needs of the senior. Comfort Keepers quality home care services is a great option for family caregivers and seniors who may need assistance during the process.


Understanding Transitional Care

Transitional care simplifies the process of returning home from a hospital or medical stay following an illness or surgery. It permits elderly loved ones to focus on getting rest and things they enjoy, without constantly worrying about their health or recovery. Many aging adults find the transition home to be challenging because it may be difficult for them to resume their daily tasks, chores or activities. Comfort Keepers provides quality home care services to take care of those elements for the senior. They help seniors with a variety of things including:

  • Creating and supporting a care plan to aid recovery.
  • Assisting with housekeeping, meal preparation, and errands
  • Transportation to and from follow up appointments
  • Providing peace of mind to family and friends
  • Communication with medical staff involved in the recovery process
  • Ensuring medications are taken on time and in the proper quantity


What Sets Comfort Keepers Apart from the Rest

Comfort Keepers quality home care services offer traditional provisions to assist with daily chores, or we can create a plan to help seniors as they recuperate from severe illness or injury. This includes providing care to clients who are recuperating from:

  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Heart Attacks
  • Pneumonia

Comfort Keepers is available to help your senior loved one safely recover during the transition process in Blaine, MN. If your senior loved one could benefit from transitional care, please contact your local office today.



Comfort Keepers In Home Care offers trusted senior care services to:

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