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Senior Care in Anoka, MN


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How we feel about life and our ability to enjoy it fully directly impacts our overall health. In many ways, the better people feel about their health, happiness and daily living, the better they are perceived by those around them. Individuals that are strongly connected with influential social circles are generally appreciated and respected. Therefore, these individuals are likely to be physically and emotionally healthier. Low self-esteem is common among those who feel lonely and isolated, causing them to suffer from declining physical health and to be emotionally challenged. Studies have shown that the social climate of seniors is connected to the probability of divergent medical circumstances.


A growing number of seniors are forced to cope with feelings of sadness and isolation. The onset of these feelings can stem from several things. The loss of a mate or significant other, decline in health that effects mobility or perception, or other occurrences that have created an unexpected and sudden change in their daily lifestyle. Because of this, seniors begin to spend more time alone and less time socializing with friends doing things they enjoy. Whatever the event or occurrence may be, seniors around the world are forced to not only deal with feeling lonely and isolated, but their emotional and physical health is effected also.


Senior Care in Anoka


The approach Comfort Keepers takes to senior care is one guided by the importance and benefits of quality companion services. We take pride in those we care for by only pairing them with caregivers that have been trained and skilled in the caregiving platform on which they service. At the core of every model is the senior for which the services are provided. The emotional, cognitive and social engagement of seniors permits them to be the lead source of their primary care. The result? Seniors experience independence and carefree living that shows them that are in control of their well-being. Having a companion to interact with emanates increased confidence, friendliness and amazing self-esteem.


Senior care providers of Comfort Keepers are available for personalized companion services. Personalized care services are selected to pair the hobbies and character of the senior with the perfect companion. This allows the senior to spend time with the companion doing things they both enjoy, while restoring the appreciation of life for the senior. Activities such as scrapbooking, couponing, long walks, talking and board games are among the many that our companions share with the seniors.


Most importantly, companionship is an essential part of healthy and happy living. Unfortunately, due to sporadic changes in life, seniors fail to experience the companionship that keeps them laughing. Comfort Keepers senior care helps to restore what was lost by introducing professional companion care to seniors who want to enjoy the little things in life. If you would like to learn more about how our senior care services can benifit your loved one, contact us today! 

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