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Senior Care in Andover, MN

Quality senior care can help seniors enjoy life to the fullest.

Our attitude towards life and the determination and ability to make the most of what it has to offer plays a significant role in our overall health. You may have noticed that when you feel good about your health, daily living and overall happiness, people perceive you in a more positive light. People who usually engage in active social circles are typically shown a higher standard of appreciation and are usually highly regarded. Therefore, these are the people that are prone to live lives that are emotionally and physically healthier. Low self-esteem is a common denominator in feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can quickly cause a downward spiral in physical and emotional health of seniors. Research indicates that the social environment of seniors is linked to the likelihood of combative medical circumstances.


Many individuals in the senior community are forced to face their feelings of isolation and sadness all alone. These feelings can appear suddenly and are caused by any number of factors. The loss of a loved one or significant other, healthy challenges that cause limitation in mobility, or other circumstances that arise suddenly and negatively impact the lifestyle of seniors. Therefore, seniors tend to spend more and more time by themselves, and less time engaging in those activities that are familiar. They can also become withdrawn from friends and family. These circumstances are a few of the many that lead seniors down a road of declining health and in an emotional pitfall.


Senior Care in Andover

Comfort Keepers separates itself from others in the industry by taking senior care to another level. A level that revolves around the importance and advantages provided by compassionate and quality companion services. We are dedicated to our aging loved ones and always make sure they are paired with caregivers that share a similar personality and interests. All our caregivers are qualified and skilled in providing quality senior care, but we realize that each senior is unique and so are their needs, likes and dislikes. We don’t practice an umbrella approach which would make any caregiver a match for all seniors. We want our caregivers to provide your loved one with the compassion and life experiences that they deserve. The seniors are the engine of a successful relationship and with the right caregiver, they can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle that makes them happy. Seniors with Comfort Keepers are more confident, friendlier and have incredible self-esteem. They realize that while they have their independence, help is right there when needed.


Senior care specialists of Comfort Keepers give companion services that are personalized. These services are predetermined during the consultation with the family, the senior and the consultant keeper. Companions spend time doing those things that the senior needs assistance with, as well as things and activities they enjoy doing.


Companionship plays a major role in the ability of the senior to live a happy and healthy life. Sudden and dramatic changes in life can cause an onset of sadness and withdrawal, but with the help of a Comfort Keeper, these feelings can be avoided. Senior care helps to restore those areas of life in which the senior feels a void. Companions listen and encourage in a positive manner, which helps them to enjoy the best that life has to offer. To learn more about the benefits of senior care for your loved one, Contact Comfort Keepers today.


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