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Dementia Care in Andover, MN

Specialized dementia care for your Andover senior

Dementia is a term describing numerous symptoms linked to a decline in memory or other cognitive skills. To be classified as dementia, the decline needs to be severe enough impact an individual's ability to carry out everyday tasks or perform common activities. Currently, nearly eight out of 10 cases of dementia are Alzheimer's disease. While there are many other forms of dementia, most of them progress in much the same way as Alzheimer's with slight variations. 

Dementia Care in Andover, MN

Was your loved one diagnosed with dementia? Have they not been diagnosed, yet you believe they are showing symptoms? While every case of dementia is unique, here are a few of the signs that characterize the different stages of dementia:

Stage 1: No Impairment. There may be occasional lapses in memory, thought, or reasoning, but there are no significant problems that affect daily life. Seniors in this stage do not need private home care to remain independent.

Stage 2: Questionable Impairment. At stage two, a senior may have occasional lapses in memory, but their judgments are still sound. Complex problems or situations requiring quick decisions may cause frustration and impact work or social engagements. Generally, personal care and things around the home are not yet disrupted.

Stage 3: Mild Impairment. This is the stage of dementia where there are noticeable impairments. Short-term memory loss makes completing daily tasks a challenge. There is often confusion with directions, time, and geography causing disorientation. A person may even get lost in a familiar location. Personal care, hygiene, housework, and important events may be forgotten. This means bills may not be paid and medications may not be taken. Seniors who want to age in place and are at stage 3 will need private home care to remain safe and independent.

Stage 4: Moderate Impairment. It is often hard to tell where stage 3 ends and stage 4 begins. If living alone at home, private home care is essential at this stage. Your loved one will often require assistance remembering where they are and what they are doing. While they can still maintain some social interactions, they will need to be accompanied on outings. Short-term memory is almost entirely gone by the end of stage four so new information will be quickly forgotten.

Stage 5: Severe Impairment. The most severe stage of dementia features extensive memory loss and an inability to function without assistance. An individual in stage five will have little understanding of time, space, and geography. They will need help caring for their personal needs, including toileting, bathing, dressing, and eating. A senior living at home will require private home care that typically extends to 24-hour home care.

Whether your loved one is in stage 1 or stage 5 of dementia, our dementia care team is trained to provide the care and support your loved one needs. To learn more, contact us today. One of our dementia care specialists would be happy to answer your questions or to schedule your free consultation.

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