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September is Dedicated to Healthy Aging for Older Adults

Sep 12, 2017 by Comfort Keepers of Blaine

Every day should be dedicated to healthy living, as it provides the basis to sustaining a long-term life. September is dedicated to plans, suggestions and activities that are designed to assist older adults age as healthy as possible. Once you reach the senior years, it is important to understand what can be done to make each day as healthy as the day you were born.


It is not always easy to commit to healthy habits but knowing what they are can simplify the process. The overall idea is for older adults to engage in habits that encourage calorie burning, intensify memory and build the immune system.


Here are a few things that seniors should consider to help with healthy aging.


  • Eat Right – this is much easier said than done but for many reasons, healthy eating can help older adults live longer. Prepare proper portions for each meal or snack and don’t skip meals. Failure to eat properly is what many seniors face when they live alone. There are many at home care services available to older adults who need assistance in meal prep.


  • Exercise Regularly – there is no need to run a marathon but keep moving! Walk in your neighborhood, join an aerobics class or the local activity center to walk on the track or tread mill.


  • Get Enough Sleep – older adults need at least 8 hours of sleep per night. This contributes to better memory, and decreased chance of acquiring diseases such as diabetes and others. Maintain a regular bedtime and sleep with comfortable pillows and on a supportive mattress.


  • Social Activity – if there is anything that older adults need, it’s an opportunity to socialize. Participating in social activities and events is extremely important for seniors, as it allows them to mingle with others and enjoy time doing things they enjoy.


At Home Care Decreases Stress


At Home Care contributes to healthy living in more ways than one but many families fail to realize the benefits of having the provision for their seniors. It provides assistance with everything from personal care to companionship, while alleviating the stress associated with shopping, grooming and general tasks they complete daily.


Healthy living can be prompted by something as small as eating enough fruit, or something as significant as avoiding stressful situations in life. Older adults should be given a variety of healthy options, including at home care to help them enjoy a long and prosperous life.

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